Monday, 23 March 2015


Backing up any activity,with the assertion that you are performing it is Karma.You are getting bounded by Karma,if you claim doership of any action.If you are aware of who the true doer is then the action will not have any abutment and the Karma will be discarded.

If you are inside an empty well and yell,"I'm a thief",what will happen?You will hear your own echo!If you don't want to hear it then instead say,"I'm a King".Karma is your action and the echo is its reaction.Simply give what you would like to receive,a basic principle of karma.All reactions are echos of your past actions;the fruits will be imminent.The well illustrates that the world is your own projection.Karma is simply a projection.The existence of bondage lies absolutely on you, you are culpable for it.Everything is your protrusion.Formation of your body,people in your life,things you received;for endless lives,you have been liable for all,"wholly and solely.

Whatever you put out here into this vast world,will come back to you.How you live your life will determine what kind of life you will have.When a bird is alive ,it eat ants but when the bird is dead,ant eats bird.Time and circumstances can change at anytime.So do good and get good.

So,Keep calm and let karma finish it.

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